Amplifying Certainties

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We are deeply wired to care a lot about our sense of self worth & social standing …

if these are undermined we feel a threat, which pulls brain fast into fight/flight mode & we lose cognitive capability

So in our moments of greatest challenge, we actually become dumber…

That was the stark but enlightening message of Caroline Webb’s excellent keynote at the PLSA investment conference last week.

But all is not lost, her advice, which really resonated with me was based around amplifying certainties.

By amplifying certainties we can nudge ourselves out of defensive mode. Three little questions can help –

What do I know for sure?

What can I shape or control?

What is a no regrets first step?

Our brain directs our tiny bandwidth for focused attention to whatever is already top of mind.

You will literally miss the gorilla in front of you if you’re not looking for it (there have been a number of lab studies that show exactly this).

Even our attitude, our mood shapes perceptions. Whether we are tired, irritated, frustrated, bored. But all of these are natural human states, we can’t expect to realistically screen them out or stop ourselves from feeling these moods.

So how can we reset our filters to make better decisions and have a better day ?

🎯 Confirm aim – get the right thing top of your mind. That’s a good start, at least our focus attention is on the right thing.

⚓️ Check your attitude, assumptions, anchors. You can’t always overcome them, but being aware is a good start.

🦍 What’s the gorilla you might miss, you can “hack” your way to a more curious mindset with the simple four-word question “what am I missing?”

🔭 Direct your attention

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