Stumbling on Happiness

Reading Time: 8 minutes The pursuit of happiness is built into the very definition of human desire. We treat our future selves as if they were our children, spending most of our waking hours seeking out ways to make them happy. So understanding what does seems pretty important for making decisions today … But do we really know what … More Stumbling on Happiness

Books – The Checklist Manifesto

Reading Time: < 1 minute A mixture of task & communication checks help manage the problem of proliferating complexity in the modern word – that’s the relatively simple premise of Atul Gawande‘s short, but excellent book on checklists – The Checklist Manifesto. The book is driven mainly from a medical context, that being the author’s background, and centred around the … More Books – The Checklist Manifesto

Four Things I Learnt at Work in 2016

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hack your own productivity, figure out what works for you  As “knowledge workers” we all carry out a wide variety of different cognitive tasks each day: some are repetitive, some are simple but require a high degree of accuracy, some are creative while others involve problem solving or co-ordination of others. Some involve significant willpower … More Four Things I Learnt at Work in 2016

Black Box Thinking

Reading Time: 3 minutes The best book I read over the summer was Matthew Syed’s Black Box Thinking. The central theme of the book is really fear of, and reaction to, failure. We have an allergic aversion to failure. We try to avoid it, cover it up and airbrush. The phenomenon of cognitive dissonance  is the name for the … More Black Box Thinking