Your Vote Matters

Reading Time: 4 minutes Full article on LCP Vista at I’m talking about voting but don’t worry! It’s nothing to do with the latest UK prime minister or US mid-terms. I’m talking shareholder voting. Getting to grips with shareholder voting in 2022 Should Sainsbury’s match workers’ pay to the Living Wage foundation? Should Tesla report on child labour … More Your Vote Matters

LDI: how we got to now

Reading Time: 9 minutes Well well well. I’m sat here on a Sunday afternoon at the end of quite a week. Heading into the office Monday morning I had little idea that we would potentially be caught up in a serious market event that had global ramifications, and at the heart of it all would be the risk management … More LDI: how we got to now

New to the investment industry? Eight things you must follow 2022 edition

Reading Time: 5 minutes Tl;dr Can your podcast app be more valuable than an MBA? It might. I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Follow these 8 things to cut through the noise and get incredible access to knowledge & thinking to supercharge your investment career. Recently joined the investment industry? Congrats and welcome, you’re going … More New to the investment industry? Eight things you must follow 2022 edition

The Portfolio of the Future

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Chartered Alternative Investment Association (CAIA) wrote an intriguing piece on the Portfolio for the Future, including 5 specific characteristics >> Diversification  Private capital  Fiduciary responsibility  Actively engaged / Universal Owner Operational alpha  We spoke to John Bowman about all this and more, here’s what he had to say ( web | apple podcasts ) … More The Portfolio of the Future

6 Investment Frameworks from Michael Maouboussin

Reading Time: 2 minutes When you get chance to chat to renowned author and researcher Michael Mauboussin you take notes! You can listen to our full conversation right here (or here in apple podcasts or spotify), and below are my 6 main takeaways Investment Uncut · S3 Ep. 41 Multiples are not valuation with Michael Mauboussin 1. Expectations investing … More 6 Investment Frameworks from Michael Maouboussin

Greenwashing away trust

Reading Time: 11 minutes Just because there’s noise around responsible investing doesn’t mean there isn’t substance. But the biggest risk to the movement right now is greenwashing by asset managers and others that’s taking place out there, every month, every day. While the intent is not malicious, it undermines the foundations of a movement that is genuinely starting to … More Greenwashing away trust

Inbox, diary, to-do list: now choose just two

Reading Time: 5 minutes That choice between this “trinity” of masters seems to be the reality of modern knowledge work , and for those in senior roles (C-suite or equivalent) it’s often just one of those three that you get to stay on top of while the other spiral out of control. The modern media environment with its torrent … More Inbox, diary, to-do list: now choose just two