Stories from 2045

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was fortunate enough to recently read Stories from 2045 a great book of short stories from the futurist think tank The Economic Singularity Club which was founded by author & futurist Calum Chace and others to promote more thoughtful discussions about the future of jobs. The purpose of the book was to try and … More Stories from 2045

Five unexpected learnings from Ray Dalio’s Principles

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sure, Ray Dalio is well known for his approach to “radical transparency” and the uncompromising way he has implemented that (as well as the extraordinary investment success of his firm, Bridgewater), but his recent book Principles held learnings for me in a number of unexpected areas including: mistakes and failure , the art of disagreement … More Five unexpected learnings from Ray Dalio’s Principles

The end of email?

Reading Time: 6 minutes   Email is like a tax that we all collect from each other. Tiago Forte Over recent years the influence of changes in technology has changed the way we communicate in our personal lives. We are the whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram generation. The number of different available platforms and formats has led to helpful thinking … More The end of email?

Getting Sh*t done in a distracted world 

Reading Time: 5 minutes Could it be that human attention is the most scarce resource of our time? We are surrounded by distraction, inside and outside of work. But for today’s knowledge workers that can be particularly damaging to productivity. In this short blog I review some of the most interesting thoughts I’ve read recently on how to beat … More Getting Sh*t done in a distracted world 

One minute guide to real-world AI implementation 

Reading Time: 4 minutes McKinsey just published an excellent and comprehensive paper covering how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can deliver real value for business. tl;dr The only issue – at 80 pages it’s a lot to read. A lot of the use cases focus on retail, energy and education, one angle I find particularly are the read-across of these examples into … More One minute guide to real-world AI implementation