Five blogs you should read this month

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Five great blogs you should read this month

Humans love the comfort of simple narratives that conform to our own worldview. We airbrush out details that don’t fit. Complexity counters this craving, by restoring the cracks and inconsistencies that have been airbrushed out. And is essential for anyone wanting to navigate tricky tensions on big issues.
The productivity holy grail: focusing on the important, not just the urgent. I found some great practical strategies here.
All greed starts with an innocent idea: that you are right, deserve to be right, or are owed something for your efforts. It’s a reasonable feeling. But economies have three superpowers: competition, adaptation, and social comparison. Competition means life is hard. Business is hard. Investing is…
Looking to break out of the speaker-to-audience rut? Here are five models for delivering content that will keep attendees active, interested, and sometimes even on their feet.
Product owners are an essential part of any firm that wants to be successful in 2018, this great blog outlines the myriad skills it takes to do the role successfully.
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