Your Vote Matters

Reading Time: 4 minutes Full article on LCP Vista at I’m talking about voting but don’t worry! It’s nothing to do with the latest UK prime minister or US mid-terms. I’m talking shareholder voting. Getting to grips with shareholder voting in 2022 Should Sainsbury’s match workers’ pay to the Living Wage foundation? Should Tesla report on child labour … More Your Vote Matters

Greenwashing away trust

Reading Time: 11 minutes Just because there’s noise around responsible investing doesn’t mean there isn’t substance. But the biggest risk to the movement right now is greenwashing by asset managers and others that’s taking place out there, every month, every day. While the intent is not malicious, it undermines the foundations of a movement that is genuinely starting to … More Greenwashing away trust

Delivering the goods or a bad taste in the mouth?

Reading Time: 3 minutes All the ingredients came together here to deliver a really tasty story: You’ve got a rare listing of a tech “darling” in London, in a climate where the UK government is desperate to “reawaken” London’s capital markets in a post-Brexit world and in a time of US-based SPACs stalking many private UK firms. Add to … More Delivering the goods or a bad taste in the mouth?

An Evening with Actuaries in Belfast

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had the pleasure of being invited to present to actuarial students and local professionals at Queens’ University in Belfast on the subject of current issues in investment, and careers in investment consulting. I took the opportunity to give an overview of the global asset owner universe, talk through the portfolios of some of the … More An Evening with Actuaries in Belfast