Asset Managers & Twitter

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I think it’s fair to say that the asset management industry wasn’t initially quick to adopt social media as a means of distributing content. It’s understandable when you consider the level of regulation around financial advice and the required compliance particularly in the larger firms. Add to that the fact that for the more institutionally-focused firms it was far from clear there was much to be gained by communicating to the mass-market through twitter.

However recently I think this has really changed. I see more and more asset managers active on twitter this year, and many putting out good quality content. From the big global firms such as Blackrock, PIMCO and Schroders, to the smaller boutiques like TwentyFour and Woodford.

If you like to follow the content that the asset managers are putting out then consider subscribing to this twitter list that I’ve put together to help filter the tweets.

If you run an official account at an asset manager I’ve left off this list then please tweet me!

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