Launching YTIF

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I’m starting a newsletter … Your Thursday Investment Fix

Yeah I get it. Your inbox is already overflowing with thought-pieces , thunk-pieces, dunk pieces and puff pieces.

But here’s the deal – this will be 3 minutes to read that will actually be useful.

Every 2 weeks on a Thursday I will bring you:

3 things I’m reading

2 things I’m listening to

1 thing to brighten your day

+ optional extra froth

All in under the time it takes you to brew a coffee. I am to be the most useful 3 mins of your day

Cutting through the noise since 2022.

I did think about using this blog as the vehicle for it but felt I had a good thing going on here and didn’t want to mess with it . So if this sounds like your thing you can head on over to substack to sign up for it, and check out the very first one. Also coming soon on my LinkedIn page. Thanks for reading!

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