Turning points in uncharted territory

Reading Time: 2 minutes War, climate change, pandemics, inflation, rising interest rates First published in LCP’s investment magazine – VISTA Original version available at lcp.foleon.com The job of investing involves reckoning with a huge amount of uncertainty and intersecting trends while making good decisions, screening out noise and resisting the temptation to overreact. That is, of course, easier said … More Turning points in uncharted territory

Why it’s great to fail your new year’s resolutions

Reading Time: 5 minutes Getting comfortable with failure leads to better goals, helps you learn what works and moves away from a fixed mindset. I love new year’s. At a pinch I might even choose New Year over Christmas and all its forced consumerism. New Year is a chance to reset, refresh, reflect – looking both backwards and forwards. … More Why it’s great to fail your new year’s resolutions

Most read of 2021

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thank you all for following along during this most strangest of years! One that brought us meme-stonks, the meaning of transitory and more pledges, commitments and targets than you could shake a stick at. I’ve posted less articles than usual this year but I’ll put that down to some big events: Leo turning one and … More Most read of 2021

New to the investment industry? Eight things you must follow

Reading Time: 4 minutes Recently joined the investment industry? Congrats and welcome, you’re going to love it here! And your timing is impeccable, you’ve joined the industry right at the start of a once in a generation scale capital flow in infrastructure and decarbonisation . I have to warn you not everything’s clear cut: we could be looking at … More New to the investment industry? Eight things you must follow

Five surprising stocks in a 20-year bear market

Reading Time: 3 minutes Looking at individual stocks gets wild … It might surprise you that the following stocks have all yet to surpass their March-2000 dot-com era highs (at the time of writing. Admittedly 2 are getting close): Intel Cisco Pfizer AT&T General Electric It gets even weirder when you focus in on Cisco – despite being in … More Five surprising stocks in a 20-year bear market

Uprated skills

Reading Time: 2 minutes To follow on from underrated skills. In a remote world where everything’s changed and long-term is next month, which skills have gained in importance? Starting with “I’m not sure“ False certainty can be a huge risk at the best of times, even more so when the world has changed and no-one really knows for sure … More Uprated skills

Yes, the journey matters

Reading Time: 3 minutes Your standard finance textbook gets it wrong, or at least doesn’t tell you the full story. Three investors, three different paths of return this year (orange, green, blue). But assuming they start and end at the same point (I know they don’t quite), who feels best? And why? Which is the best investment? Simple question … More Yes, the journey matters