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Thank you all for following along during this most strangest of years! One that brought us meme-stonks, the meaning of transitory and more pledges, commitments and targets than you could shake a stick at.

I’ve posted less articles than usual this year but I’ll put that down to some big events: Leo turning one and me turning 40 🤨💥😜🥂🍾

Here’s a quick reminder of the 3 pieces that resonated most with you, my readers!

Have a great new year and all the very best for 2022.

1. New to the investment industry? 8 things you must follow

I’m a huge fan of the learning you can get out of blogs and podcasts these days, and wanted to share some of my favourites for others: equally relevant for experienced professionals as those earlier in their careers. I really enjoyed seeing this one getting shared widely.

2. Twelve things I learnt in my 30’s

Chimps, darksides, personalities and stories. I wanted to try and reflect on some of the big lessons I learnt in my 30’s – those learnt both the easy and the hard way. subsequent conversations with lots of different people revealed that many of you had read this and resonated with something in there. Thanks!

3. The good, the bad and the false. Common arguments against ESG

I was coming up against these so often I needed to get them all down in once place. Looks like it resonated!

That’s the year that was 🤷‍♂️ I do hope you ‘re able to have a nice break over the holidays, wherever in the world you are and I look forward to continuing to try and make sense of a weird investing world with you in 2022!

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