So, what are we reading this summer?

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Here’s a few of my top recent highlights for you, a few that are on the go, and a few I’m lining up for that summertime reading list.

The Bond King (Mary Childs).

Exhilarating, pacy and balanced romp through the weird and wonderful world of Bill Gross and PIMCO from the 70’s to the present day: ego, hubris, newsletters, bonds and lots and lots of money. Mary Childs has researched this meticulously and deals in a balanced way avoiding simply bigging up the legend of the Bond King and calling out toxic culture for what it is while acknowledging much of the innovation and genuine skill present along the way.

The Palace Papers (Tina Brown)

Popcorn time, people. Tina Brown does a forensic but surprisingly gripping, wonderfully blunt & acerbic take on the story of the Royal Family, and in many ways Britain itself over the last half century through the lens of three women who have shaped the monarchy most, with some seriously juicy stories.

The Queen of thrillers Lucy Foley is back with The Paris Apartment. the author of The Hunting Party and the Guest List (both top 10 hits) has moved on a little from the format that made those two such page-turners but this, with a bigger scope is still equally as riveting. It will keep you guessing (and slightly terrified)!

If Freezing Order is half as good as Bill Browder’s first book, Red Notice (on navigating 90’s era Russia as an emerging market manager, corruption and, ultimately, tragedy) this will be a must read. More relevant than ever to today’s world.

Dave Grohl’s the Storyteller is brilliantly written, feels deeply reflective and personal and if you hold any nostalgia at all for that early to mid 90’s era you won’t be able to put it down.

Not yet read Tim Marshall’s follow-up to bestselling Prisoners of Geography? You need to. He looks forward and astutely assesses the future for various regions that could hold the potential for flashpoints nd change, including the UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, the Sahel and Spain. If you haven’t yet read Tim’s first book Prisoners of Geography then it goes without saying that is a must-read.

Alex Edmans is becoming one of the most important current thinkers in responsible business and responsible investing and this book sets out all the detail behind his “Grow the Pie” paradigm, with specific chapters aimed at investors and asset managers.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s podcast on living well is a great resource for all sorts of inspiration, information and guidance on welless both physical and mental so I was delighted to see he’d put his core thinking down in writing.

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