How Many Pizzas

Reading Time: 1 minute How many pizzas would it take to feed your investment committee? Optimal committee/team size is a great question: NEPC’s survey finds most investment committees are 7+ people, but would prefer to be 4-6. Team behavioral expert Harvard Professor Richard Hackman said optimal is 6, definitely not more than 9. Authors Sunstein & Hastie note the … More How Many Pizzas

An Evening with Actuaries in Belfast

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had the pleasure of being invited to present to actuarial students and local professionals at Queens’ University in Belfast on the subject of current issues in investment, and careers in investment consulting. I took the opportunity to give an overview of the global asset owner universe, talk through the portfolios of some of the … More An Evening with Actuaries in Belfast

Stories from 2045

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was fortunate enough to recently read Stories from 2045 a great book of short stories from the futurist think tank The Economic Singularity Club which was founded by author & futurist Calum Chace and others to promote more thoughtful discussions about the future of jobs. The purpose of the book was to try and … More Stories from 2045

Simple, but not easy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some simple skills I think are underrated in today’s world of work: Planning effective meetings Facilitating effective meetings Capturing actions cleanly, and following up Structuring communication clearly and effectively These things don’t get talked about much, but when you work with someone who does them well it can be literally a life-changer, and so refreshing. … More Simple, but not easy

Universal Owners: The Idea Reshaping Asset Management

Reading Time: 8 minutes Updated March 2019 Do we need to get over our definition-anxiety? Ok, so I’m not going to win a prize for insight here in 2019 by observing that consideration of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance factors) has become a big theme in the UK, it has existed for a number of years kind of on … More Universal Owners: The Idea Reshaping Asset Management

Better Behaviour by Design

Reading Time: 8 minutes The evidence is undeniable. We all have brains that are set-up to make consistently bad choices when it comes to domains that are complex, ambiguous and unpredictable – like investing. We overestimate our own ability, screen out information that conflicts with our pre-conceived views, we fear losses, and anchor to what feels well known and … More Better Behaviour by Design