The Portfolio of the Future

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Chartered Alternative Investment Association (CAIA) wrote an intriguing piece on the Portfolio for the Future, including 5 specific characteristics >> Diversification  Private capital  Fiduciary responsibility  Actively engaged / Universal Owner Operational alpha  We spoke to John Bowman about all this and more, here’s what he had to say ( web | apple podcasts ) … More The Portfolio of the Future

One minute guide to real-world AI implementation 

Reading Time: 4 minutes McKinsey just published an excellent and comprehensive paper covering how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can deliver real value for business. tl;dr The only issue – at 80 pages it’s a lot to read. A lot of the use cases focus on retail, energy and education, one angle I find particularly are the read-across of these examples into … More One minute guide to real-world AI implementation 

The Future Shape of Asset Management – 1 Year On

Reading Time: < 1 minute A year flies by. It’s been twelve months since I first put together No Ordinary Collision: The Forces that will Shape the Asset Management Industry, a thought piece bringing together many pieces of work and research on mega trends, and which identified particular intersections between emerging trends that could be meaningful for the asset management … More The Future Shape of Asset Management – 1 Year On

Four Things I Learnt at Work in 2016

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hack your own productivity, figure out what works for you  As “knowledge workers” we all carry out a wide variety of different cognitive tasks each day: some are repetitive, some are simple but require a high degree of accuracy, some are creative while others involve problem solving or co-ordination of others. Some involve significant willpower … More Four Things I Learnt at Work in 2016

Roboadvisor Europe 2016 – The Future?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The future of asset and wealth management? A thoroughly excellent event was organised by Level39 in London on 25 May 2015, featuring speakers from all the key players and analysts in the fairly nascent European roboadvisor scene and around 250 delegates. My five top takeaways are below, or you can read my storify story here. … More Roboadvisor Europe 2016 – The Future?

No Ordinary Collision

Reading Time: 2 minutes Your 10-Minute Guide to the Future of Asset Management. Download the full paper here >> no-ordinary-collision-v6-singlepage-HR It’s always easy to ignore or dismiss forecasts of the way the future may change our industry. Some might seem too obvious, some too far-fetched. We all exist in a daily whirlwind addressing the challenges of volatile markets and demanding … More No Ordinary Collision