No Ordinary Collision

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Your 10-Minute Guide to the Future of Asset Management.

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It’s always easy to ignore or dismiss forecasts of the way the future may change our industry. Some might seem too obvious, some too far-fetched. We all exist in a daily whirlwind addressing the challenges of volatile markets and demanding clients.

It’s great to take a step back though and take a moment to think about the future of the fund management industry. that’s what i had some fun doing when I sat down to write: No ordinary collision, your 10 minute guide to the future of asset management. I took the time to read through a lot of the great thought pieces out there relating to these future themes (from the likes of PWC, EY, McKinsey and Forbes) summaraise what I saw as the key themes running through them and add some thoughts of my own.
the way I see it, the asset management world looks set to be affected by future trends and themes from at least two sources,
1. the future of work
2. the future of pensions & asset management
Each of these taken on a standalone basis are facing considerable change, taken together it creates some powerful intersections that could really change the way our industry functions and the importantly the key value chains within it.
I’ve spent some time thinking abouut what I think are the key intersections (these are shown and discussed in a little more detail below). you can read the fll report here.
Clearly there’s no single blueprint for success in such a changing and disrupted world. I’ve tried to lay out what I believe are 6 key things asset managers can address. I’d love to hear your thoughts, do tweet me to start a conversation.