Top Reads March 2020

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My latest top reads, might come in handy if you have more time at home than anticipated these days …
A true-story thriller which goes from building an asset management business in Russia in the 1990’s, being blackmailed by oligarchs to murder, corruption and becoming Putin’s #1 enemy.
The inside story of the 2017 boardroom coup to oust Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, as well as a whirlwind tale of the dramatic rise of the ride-haling giant
Full of suspense and twists. This one got me through during our climb of Kilimanjaro last year
When truth is stranger than fiction. The totlally wild and ridiculous story of greed, fraud and corruption behind the 1MDB Malaysian sovereign fund and the making of the film The Wolf of Wall Street.
A tough, unflinching look at life in some of America’s most left-behind communities. Tough to read but hard to put down. Puts everything into perspective.
Super readable and honest story of Disney under CEO Bob Eiger. With great insights into key players like Steve Jobs and George Lucas. 
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