15 productive things investors can do in a market downturn

Reading Time: < 1 minute
  1. Re-affirm your investment objective ( for framing, context) and your process

2. Run through each of your holdings and remind yourself why you own it

3. Check your mandates are performing as expected given conditions

4. Remind yourself how often drawdowns usually occur – put things into historical context

5. Count how many of the classic behavioral biases you are exhibiting right about now

6. Update your long-term return expectations from each asset class

7. Identify best potential current and future opportunities for investing future cash inflows

8. Check you have (or can raise) enough cash to meet upcoming cash needs – including any arising from hedging

8. Identify opportunities to rebalance back to targets where feasible

9. Re-evaluate any planed switches, transfers in light of market volatility and liquidity

10. Check governance and communication channels to/from stakeholders are working well to facilitate & not undermine all of the above

11. Pin your favourite Warren Buffett quote on the wall

12. Wash your hands

13. Read some blogs to put things in perspective and focus on what’s most important

14. Meditate

14. Go for a run

15. Listen to a podcast

16. Wash your hands

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