Which asset managers post the best content on twitter?

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I really feel that asset managers have stepped up their game in the last 12 months when it comes to posting content on twitter (I made this point in a previous post here), even the institutionally-focused managers who previously might not have seen much upside from the mass-market reach of twitter.

I find good quality and interesting investment content on a daily basis, and I put together a twitter list to help me follow the material they are putting out (see here, if you run an official asset manager account that I’ve missed, please tweet me!).

So, which asset managers do I think put out the best content on twitter, and which have the most followers per £bn of assets managed ?

Here’s my top 5:

1. Blackrock ( AUM: £3,000bn, Twitter handle: @Blackrock, Followers 238,000, Followers per £1bn AUM “FPB” 79)

Perhaps not surprising given their sheer size, Blackrock appear to have adapted to the digital age with a pretty much constant stream of informative and interesting content particularly out of the Blackrock Investment Institute (for example check out some of their interactive data graphics here and here). The twitter feed is well maintained, albeit not consistently focused on one single message or target audience –  inevitable really given their large and diverse business. Expect content to be somewhat US focused, with a mix of material focused on individual retail retirement planning and more big-picture investment issues.

2. TwentyFour Asset Management (AUM: £4.4bn, @TwentyFourAM Followers 583, FPB 131)

This London-based bond boutique have really harnessed twitter well in putting out their latest thoughts straight from the key investment thinkers in the organisation including portfolio managers. The content can be unashamedly geeky, but that’s why I like it so much. It isn’t really intended for the mass audience, but stays true to their position as niche bond-market gurus with a European focus.

3. Schroders (AUM: £320bn, @SchroderPension Followers 7,300, FPB 23)

Another asset manager that is broadly focused, Schroders uses several different twitter handles to distinguish it’s content (such as its institutional, and retail focused feeds). A mix of big-picture investment trend type pieces and coverage of individual asset classes and funds. Schroders are also more UK focused for example in their coverage of DC products and solutions.

4. Bond Vigilantes (M&G Retail) AUM: £260bn, @bondvigilantes Followers 21,800, FPB 84

M&G have long been successful in the retail space, particularly on the bond side and their “bond vigilantes” brand is relatively well known. Their twitter feed focuses on neat facts and well presented data insights rather than in depth content, and tends to be Europe & UK focused.

5. Woodford (AUM: £9.3bn, @woodfordfunds Follwers 22,700, FPB 2430)

Retail equity guru Neil Woodford left Invesco in October 2013 to found his own firm, and it seems hardly a weekend goes by without seeing him mentioned in the Money pages of the popular press. His new firm’s twitter feed focuses on macro-economic themes and views, usually relating to the UK and has by far the biggest following per £ of assets managed of the 5 listed here.

There are my thoughts on which asset managers are putting out the best twitter content (note, the opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and relate solely to the content of the relevant twitter feeds and not the asset management or other capabilities of the organisations highlighted!) – do tweet me with your views or if you feel I’ve left anyone off the list!

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