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10 Books for your summer holidays 2018
Packing for a summer getaway? Here’s a few ideas for you to consider…
Why are some countries rich and others poor? Why has progress been so uneven and power so concentrated? Climate, rainfall, rivers, mountains, land, distance, harbors, disease are just some of the explanations that Tim Marshall systematically walks through in this fascinating book.
“An engrossing tale that provides plenty of food for thought”, this playful, wise, and profoundly moving book tracks the beautifully complicated arc of a long-term romantic relationships and should be essential reading for anyone who has thought deeply and realistically about the nature of long term relationships.
Progress might be gradual, but it is happening all around us. Move beyond the out of date developed/emerging narrative of world development and be enlightened by this excellently researched and written book by the late Hans Rosling. This is the book that Bill Gates recently pledged to gift to every US college student
The disciplined pursuit of less. Feel over committed and under utilized? How the power of focusing and saying no can multiply your productivity and happiness
Not read this one yet, but BA Paris previous book was utterly terrifying, riveting and impossible to put down. Hoping for more
I’m picking up this very short but brilliantly insightful distillation of historical lessons for the second time this summer. Definitely worth a read. Makes it on many a list of all-time must reads (including Ray Dalio’s).
One of the most valuable skills in our economy is becoming increasingly rare. If you master this skill, you’ll achieve extraordinary results. Focused success in a distracted world.
I recently stumbled upon my notes from my first reading of this excellent book over a year ago. It contains some stunning insights into the mistakes we routinely make when imagining the future and remembering the past, and how that can both help and hinder us. When we imagine the future there is a whole lot missing. And the things that are missing, matter.
Ibiza has an intriguing history of hedonism going back to Carthaginian and Roman times. I love taking in a bit of history of the places we visit, unfortunately we’re not going to Ibiza this year so will have to make do with this interesting-looking history of the island from roman times right up to the present day instead!
Why particular moments in life stand out, matter, and endure much more than others (and how to create more that do). A brilliant book by the always-insightful Chip and Dan Heath. This has really changed the way I think, and helped me spot potential for moments that cry out to be elevated above the everyday.
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