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I’m not exactly ahead of the curve here talking about podcasts in 2019 (here’s an interesting blog that talks about the surprising recent rise of this relatively simple and humble medium), given it feels like almost everyone has one, or has appeared on one. However with the huge amount of stuff out there, there is always a need to try and filter and get to what’ll interest you. A few people have asked me about my favourites, so here we go:

  1. Animal Spirits – an irreverent take on investing, markets and pop culture with Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson two guys who work for ritholtz wealth management in the US. This is probably the only one I listen to every week without fail, timing wise at circa 30 mins it fits nicely into my commute


2. Rugby union weekly – this will only be of interest to rugby union fans, but if that’s you I would definitely give this a look. Danny Care, Ugo Monye and Chris Jones take a detailed but lighthearted look at the rugby issues of the day which will be especially interesting in the run up to the world cup later this year.


3. The Knowledge Project. These are long (1hr+) but I really appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it and you might to. Not every episode floats my boat in terms of content and to get into it I suggest you start with one of the best (in my opinion) episodes:



the guy who hosts this (Shane Parrish, who is a really interesting thinker) also appeared on Sam Harris pod discussing his idea of mental models, which is worth a listen (although again, its long): https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/155-mental-models/id733163012?i=1000436844993

4. Standard Deviations (Dr Daniel Crosby) – good quality thoughtful podcast with a behavioral finance tilt but relatively wide range of guests/themes spanning individual wealth management, investing, philosophy, and general wellbeing. I tend to probably listen to more than half of the episodes, length varies.


5. Bloomberg Masters in Business hosted by Barry Ritholtz– I don’t listen to every single one but they have good guests eg Ray Dalio, Howard Marks and Michael Lewis


6. The Meb Faber Show – good investing stuff relevant to a fairly wide audience with a range of guests, can be hit and miss for me, but more more hit than miss. Bonus points for the fact that host Meb Faber sounds like he just stepped off a longboard at Huntingdon beach, dude.


7. AQR The Curious Investor: first series was good and is worth going back through, I think the second series is on the way. Timewise these are more bite-size (20min) so fit nicely into a commute. Looking forward to the second series.


One for long journeys: Acquired FM. On this pod Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal go deep on some of the biggest tech/business stories of the day. These guys really do their research on the founders and early stage stories of some of the most well-known firms. The episodes on ARM holdings, Lyft and Uber IPOs are all absolutely amazing stories told in incredible detail. I’ve really enjoyed listening to these when I have a 2-hour stretch like a car journey.


I’d love to know what you make of these suggestions, tweet me!

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