Notes on a decade

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At the start of the current decade …

We had a labour prime minister in Downing Street and a democrat president in the white house. The FTSE was at 5400 (today, 7400) the S&P 500 at 1100 (today 3100) and (10 year) gilt yields were above 4%. The largest companies in the world were, Walmart, Exxon and chevron.

Uber, Instagram and the iPad were yet to be launched. Both the android operating system and the chrome browser were just a year old. One Direction were yet to make their debut. Amazon was worth less than 50bn and most people hadn’t heard the words Bitcoin or Brexit. Coal produced about a third of Britain’s electricity.

Roger Federer & Serena Williams were Wimbledon champs, Lady Gaga was at number one, Stefanos Tistisipas was 11 years old and Greta Thurnberg was 6.

A lot can change in 10 years

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