New to the investment industry? Eight things you must follow

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Recently joined the investment industry? Congrats and welcome, you’re going to love it here! And your timing is impeccable, you’ve joined the industry right at the start of a once in a generation scale capital flow in infrastructure and decarbonisation .

I have to warn you not everything’s clear cut: we could be looking at another roaring 20s or a dot-com style bust and lost decade. And some things are just downright weird (see: GameStop , AMC, Dogecoin … ). But good news – established ways of looking at the world are being chewed up and broken every day (see Ark , value investing , Chamath Palipataya , Elon Musk , Robinhood and Dave Portnoy). It’s a good time to be a newcomer.

Anyway all this is merely a side note to my core point here which is that it has never been easier and less costly to acquire knowledge that can really jump you ahead in your career. I’m proud to have made it through the actuarial exams and a maths degree, but right now my podcast app is giving both of them a run for their money in terms of real value to my career and I’m not even joking.

You can effectively get a fireside chat right now with the industry’s biggest founders (like Ray Dalio, Cliff Asness and Jeremy Grantham), the best researchers (like Rob Arnott or Michael Mauboissin) , bestselling global authors like Robert Schiller and Stephanie Kelton or global policy makers like Janet Yellen and Mark Carney. Until just a few years ago this would have been the domain of only the most exclusive and expensive MBA programs.

Warning: there is also a HUGE amount of noise, hot air and marketing spin masquerading as thinking, it pays to be able to sort the signal from the noise.

You know the funniest thing though ? Most people , and most of you reading this, will actually leave all this free knowledge lying on the table, and won’t touch it. But that’s great news for the few of you that do something with it, as you’re going to get a huge amount of compound advantage in your career in just tuning in to a tiny fraction of what’s available. Here’s 8 things you just must be following –

Animal Spirits

This is always first on my podcast playlist. Michael and Ben’s no-nonsense approach to market commentary sprinkled with humour is so refreshing in an industry awash with anodyne corporate guff. A weekly listen to this will keep you current on investing issues of the moment and give you a million hot takes on key themes. You could also do a lot worse than follow Michael and Ben’s blogs as well as the rest of their colleagues at Ritholtz Wealth Management who do a great job of showing the industry what the future of content looks like.


Covering everything from shipping to microchips , these great conversations with hosts Joe and Tracy will make you smarter.

Masters in Business

Barry Ritholtz simply gets the biggest guests in the business on what must be one of the longest running investing podcasts out there. Fantastic long form conversations .

John Authers daily newsletter Points of Return

This daily (yes daily) newsletter packs a staggering amount of insight and data synthesis. 10 mins spent reading it makes you smarter and better informed , even if you don’t agree with it all (which i frequently don’t).

Morning Brew daily newsletter

In the era of memes and crypto , the team at morning brew will keep you up the minute with fresh , short digestible content.

Talking Responsibly

The inside track on the biggest mega theme in investing currently. Thoughtful interviews that actually get at some of the tough trade offs in responsible investing and cut through hype and hot air , straight from investing practitioners at pension funds (not managers flogging product)

The Decision Podcast

Investing isn’t all about VaRs, correlations and spreadsheets, it really isn’t. We spend far too long debating the mathematical side of investing and far too little on what goes on inside our heads when we do it. But, slowly this is changing. Decision making is becoming recognised as an important skill and discipline in its own right, it’s vital for investors. Get up to speed here.

Bloomberg Green

Stay on top of the latest news that matters on the big issue of our time.

If you liked this you can check out my own podcast: Investment Uncut here , and I’ve previously listed out my personal top podcast individual episodes of 2020 and 2019

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